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AFter School Skateboarding

P.Y.M. offers After School Skateboarding enrichment classes & workshops! We focus on building our students confidence and abilities through simple, fun, safe, and informative classes. We teach the foundational steps in learning how to ride a skateboard & pair it with a bit of knowledge about it's history, culture & mechanics. Our day includes exercises, stretching, goal setting, daily lessons and Free skate time.

PYM After School Sk8 Club
(Rates Vary by Location)

"Private lessons:"$75 an Hour
After School Session Drop-in(Group): Daily (1-2hrs) $55 per day. (not currently offering)

After School Private Lesson (1-2 hours) 1-day pr wk for 4 weeks: $275 (1hr) $480 (2hr)

After School Session (Group): Weekly (1hr a day) 1day per week 8 wk session $220 (when at least 10 students enrolled)

After School Session: Monthly $600 (average 20 classes)
(Note the discounts are better when registering for more classes) Classes are organized by age group and abilities. Beginner. Intermediate & "Leadership"
Ages 5-8 , 9-10, 11-14, 15-17. Contact us to figure out where your student best fits in. Rates will vary depending on the site location and program needs.
Book: Email us to sign up or ask us how you can hire us to work in your school.


Site List TBA in full...
Monday- TBA
Tuesday-   The Gateway at Grant Park- 6-7pm
Wednesday- The Gateway at Grant Park - 4-5pm
Thursday- TBA 
Friday- TBA

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